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Amy Covel

Phoenix Creative Writing’s mission is to revive the old ways of classic literature by providing a safe environment for students to share and improve their writing in order to become better writers, speakers, and individuals, and to prepare students both functionally and emotionally for publication.


I’m Ms. Covel or “Teach”—a writer, artist, cosplayer, ISFJ, preacher’s kid, and everyone’s Mom friend.

I attended TFAI’s musical concerts this last school year and felt something stir within me. I’d just finished teaching Creative Writing and was deciding where to go from there, but seeing the passion and energy here at TFAI made my decision clear: I had to teach again.

My Bachelor’s degree in Human Communication has credentialed me to be able to speak to humans (and robots!), and my Master’s degree in English/Creative Writing has made my dreams a reality (little Amy wanted to be a teacher when she grew up). If you’re heading to college, I’ve got you—I also work at Eastern Florida State College as the Lead Learning Specialist of the Titusville Academic Success Center. 

Let's create a writing revival!

I am a published writer who writes about old fashioned ideals using a modern style. I have been published in Mythos & Ink Publishing’s 2019 Area of Effect: Wisdom from Geek Culture Vol 1, the Spring Titan Promethean, and The Penmen Review. Being the Lead Learning Specialist at Eastern Florida State College has enabled me to grow as a mentor, writer, and empath. Though not as often as desired, I cry over fictional tragedies and write fantasy novels.

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