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Elementary children will have an opportunity to learn about the building blocks of music: pitch, rhythm, dynamics, simple harmony, and musical notation. In addition, they will be introduced to the basics of stage presence, diction, and proper singing technique.  There will be a short performance in December and a more elaborate performance in May.

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Music in Motion

(Ages 3-6)

This class is tailored to the needs of active preschoolers & early elementary children. They will enjoy making a 

“joyful noise” while 

learning the basics about pitch and rhythm. They will get to play instruments and use other items like ribbon sticks, bean bags, scarves, a parachute, and more. The music will consist of a wide variety of children’s classics (both Christian and secular) along with traditional music such as patriotic and holiday songs. Simple melodies will also be used to teach Bible verses, and fun facts about God’s creation. By the end of the year students will have sung their way through the continents, oceans, planets, colors of the rainbow, books of the Bible, and more.

Parents are always 

welcome to join us.

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