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Kelly Novak

I love to cook. Cooking is certainly about food, and science, and creativity, but it is also about relationship. Bonds form as you cook with others, as you make happy memories together, as you learn new things and experiment with food in new ways – the shared experience of cooking is beautiful. There is also relationship when you cook for others…because cooking is so personal, so uniquely the nourishing gift of your hands and heart.


I am a personal chef and owner of Kel’s Kitchen. 


I started my adult life as an engineer - I have a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the US Air Force Academy. I earned a Master of Business Administration from South Dakota State University, left the Air Force, and worked as an independent consultant while homeschooling my three children. After twenty years of teaching, my children went on to college and I did as well, earning an Associate in Arts in Culinary Management from Daytona State College. 


Kel’s Kitchen opened in 2019 because I saw a need for education on basic cooking skills. So many people find cooking to be a frustrating experience. I wanted to share my joy in the kitchen with others. My hands-on approach encourages experimentation and provides a sense of why things work and how to overcome mistakes. My goal is to create confidence in the kitchen by teaching transferrable skills in an unintimidating and caring environment. I offer both public and private group classes as well as private lessons and home-based cooking parties.


When not in the kitchen, experimenting, stress baking, combining, tasting, laughing, 

and generally enjoying the act of cooking I am outside walking, kayaking, rowing, hiking and generally soaking up the glory of God’s creation.

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