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Holly Snyder

 love to craft,  scrapbook,  make cards, anything crafty.   When I go to craft shows,  I don't buy anything because I tell myself "I can make it myself " But, I hardly ever actually make those things.   😁


My husband and I moved from Indiana to Titusville in 2008.  We have 5 kids, ages 24 to 10, and have been homeschooling since 2010.   I got my love of crafts and making projects from my mom.  My parents have owned some sort of craft store since I was 2 years old.  Being raised in that,  I have an interest in making all different kinds of fun projects.  I like to make things in the cheapest way possible,  by using things that you can find at thrift stores or garage sales.  I enjoy teaching kids( and adults) how they can make things too.   I love to see the excitement in people when they realize that they can make a simple greeting card, or cute craft so easily.   

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