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Angelene Bryan

I long to know God and make Him known!


I am a native of Florida and having been born and raised in Titusville I love spending time outdoors along side my husband and 2 daughters. Exploring in creation is always an adventure and helps me and my family stay active!!

I spent the majority of my life involved in the creative performing arts either as a performer, designer, costumer, coordinator, seamstress, and even fitness trainer and instructor. I also thrive on making things by hand: foods, gifts, clothing. I have also found such joy in being involved in every aspect of my children's homeschool journey over the past 10 years assisting in our communities, instructing, tutoring and helping in many other areas where extra hands are needed. 

But more than any of this, I am a lover of the LORD, our Creator!! I believe there is no more a fulfilling moment in a person's life than to have taken part in the creation of something. Be it a piece of music, art on canvas, a dance, a play, a ball gown, a kitchen table, Thanksgiving dinner, or even a human being! We truly get a glimpse at our Awesome Creator and share a special connection with Him when we have enjoyed the intricacies of creating and worshiping Him through the making or our own creations! 

I am so looking forward to sharing this joy through sewing with the TFAI community and hope that it will spark a burning desire in others! The same one that has never left me, the desire to always be making and sharing something that was made by hand! 

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